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make mozz night

Back in November, I invited Paul, Jacob, and Dave from Trinity Reach Farm to come and teach fifteen very giddy ladies from our neighbourhood, how to make fresh mozzerella cheese. Coming from Jamie Kennedy and Colborne Lane, these guys really know their way around a kitchen and I was honoured that they agreed to be in MY kitchen. A favourite was a pizza topped with braised beef cheeks. Another pizza featuring Jacob’s home-cured tuscan salami left me wanting more. Ooooh… and then there was the mozzerella with cherry preserves, riccotta lemon tart (a yummy by-product from the curds and whey), mozzarella with Not Far From the Tree poached pear, mint & rosemary oil, and a beautiful salad with beets from their garden. It was very inspiring to have met these twenty-something year-olds who – grow their own food – make everything by hand – using local producers.

Hubby:  “So who are these total strangers coming over to our house?”… “and you’re pulling what?”

Me:  “I found them on the internet honey – and yes – I invited a group of strange men that I found on the internet to come and cook in my kitchen and make cheese! and they said YES!!! isn’t that fantastic!!!?”

  • Deirdre Pickford - that looks amazing!!! i love the pics – the food looks so yummy!!! you’re so awesome jill chen!!ReplyCancel

  • Jill - Shhhh, keep it down Deirdre, people are going to think I’m paying you!ReplyCancel

  • Jill - These guys were awesome. They came in here, didn’t know me from nuth’in, bringing their whole kitchen full of stuff, and created all these wonderful apps,…and half weren’t even photographed! Nicest, sweetest bunch of guys. I’d love to have them back.ReplyCancel

  • France Simard - Wow! I’m speechless… what a fantastic idea Jill.ReplyCancel

  • Barbara Parmenter - That sounds like a fantastic evening Jill!ReplyCancel

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