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cinnamon rolls

I hate these. My Hubby hates these. In fact, all my friends that I’ve made them for hate these. There was a period of a few weeks, that I couldn’t stop making these deliciously-sticky, calorie-laden cinnamon rolls…changing it up a little each time. Such an easy recipe from my hero, The Pioneer Woman. Over and over and over again, I made these little seam-busting time bombs, forcing them on friends and family. Then everyone got fat. True story.
If you really hate someone, make these, they’re sooo bad!

  • Jill - I’m still working on getting a printable plug-in working.ReplyCancel

  • jill Farber - I HATE these – they look soooooooo good – I LOVE theseReplyCancel

  • graziella - Jill you are right. These rolls are evil yet soo good.ReplyCancel

  • Build Your Own Earth Oven » FreestyleFarm - […] can have cinnamon rolls on demand by making up a few batches and freezing them individually and storing in x-large […]ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Cain - Okay Jill I need help. I want to make these but I need more info. What is a generous sprinkling of cinnamon?? I know I can go more or less to taste but what’s the ballpark??

    Also, have you tried with whole wheat flour?? I have a stone ground organic whole wheat flour I’ve been substituting into everything (pancakes, brownies, banana bread etc..) and it’s worked out well but not sure about these. Any thoughts?ReplyCancel

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