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and the Oscar for best actor in a chinese restaurant goes to…

It’s our second night in Shanghai. We ventured out on our own with the intent to just stumble into any restaurant for an quick dinner and early night. Something easy and kid-friendly — the waiter led us through a very noisy, very full, and very smokey room — oh good, lots of locals — so how bad could it be?

After flipping through pages and pages of the weird and exotic, and still not finding anything that the kids, hubby or I would eat, we decided to pull out. Okay little one, you’re on…

“Oh look hon, she’s fallen asleep…”

“Poor little dear, she’s still jet-lagged…”

“We’re very sorry we can’t stay…”

“ fin”

  • Abigail - Genius child!ReplyCancel

  • graziella - What a smart little cookie you are. I think I will borrow you sometime.ReplyCancel

  • Yen - brilliant!!! (ike mother, like daughter… ahem… Jill Chen’s Infamous Chalk Trick circa 1994).ReplyCancel

  • Jill - The infamous chalk trick really works yen 😉ReplyCancel

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