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Raised Beds

Well, it’s the middle of May, and still wet and cool here. I’ve been keeping busy, making new garden beds, creating chicken-free zones, ordering more seeds, and general puttering. I surprised hubby by building my own raised bed, hauling 2″x6″ lumber into the garage and cutting it on the compound miter saw…ALL-BY-MY-SELF, without anyone nearby to call 911. It was a little bit terrifying…“what if the lumber kicks back and I cut my fingers off?”…“what if the blade becomes loose and I cut my fingers off?”…“what if I faint and I cut my fingers off?”…“what if I cut my fingers off because freaky things can happen?” With dirty, ill-fitting safety goggles on, I ploughed ahead cautiously, building my 4′ x 8′ frame.

Text to hubby: “If I don’t answer my cell phone, it’s cause I’ve cut my fingers off.”

My finished raised bed tucked behind the greenhouse.
Floating row covers from Lee Valley keeps out bugs and protects from frost.

The kids have each been given their own little plots to grow whatever they want. I used the “Square Foot Garden” method of growing. Divide and mark off a square-foot grid and plant intensively to mulch out weeds. Ideal for small gardens, growing more in less space, with less weeding and watering.

Netting is added all around to keep the chickens out.

A larger raised bed with removeable “ribs” made from inexpensive plumbing parts. More netting to keep squirrels and chickens out. Row cover draped like a crinoline keeps everyone toasty warm inside.


I love lazy Sundays. We head out to the backyard, often before 8:00 am, and just hangout in our jammies all day.

My boy is always the first up and eager to help harvest.
Kale planted last year was delicious in an omelette with shiitake mushrooms.

Blend of mixed salad greens.

My sleepy girls.

Apple treats for breakfast.

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