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The Last Prawn

Since my last Prawn Update back in November, you are probably wondering how the remaining prawns are doing. Out of the original 1,100 prawns we ordered back in June, we are now left with just one lonely survivor. 

I haven’t named her, because we plan to eat her one day and see if all this was worth it. For now, I’ll wait till she grows big enough to divide into six tasting portions; seven if Uncle Alfred comes for dinner.

Here she is, telling me to go away. I watched her preen herself, thinking she was preparing for a molt. Only to find her the next morning full of eggs.

Our “berried” female, holds her eggs under her belly. So sad as there was no male left to fertilize her eggs. She had eaten the last remaining male. Even with protective net enclosures that I had sewn, the prawns still managed to kill each other after a molt. Sensing that there wasn’t any point in keeping her eggs, Female Prawn ate them, picking them out one by one. You can see her reaching underneath for the eggs with her front pereiopods.

Lack of space has been the biggest problem in keeping these very territorial animals from eating each other. Will I try it again this summer? Stay tuned.


  • Maggie at Eat Boutique - So sad… I hope you try again!ReplyCancel

  • TO Chickens - Really fascinating – wow! Hmmm, she ate the males she needed to fertilize her eggs. I don’t know what to make of that. Stunning photos as always.ReplyCancel

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  • Dustin - I’m very interested in using prawns in my aquaponic system. If you don’t mind me asking. Where did you order your prawns from? I’m having difficulty finding a supplier.ReplyCancel

  • dasuki - hi,i’m dasuki from malaysia, if u need to order freshwater prawn(30-50days old) depend on stock,jst asking us at our email(

  • Seba - This posts are so long ago… but i love them anyway! Didn’t you guys give it another try?ReplyCancel

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