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Strawberry Kefir Smoothie

Since I first posted about kefir and all it’s benefits, I am happy to report that the grains are still growing, and we are all alive (not poisoned) and well. We’ve shared with many friends, family and strangers who want to feel better.

Strawberry Smoothie

For nearly two years, it’s been our night-time ritual, concocting smoothies with an assortment of frozen fruit.

Kefir Grains

We make eight cups a night, enough for the six of us with leftovers.

Making Kefir

Our favourite is frozen strawberries sweetened with fresh or frozen ripe bananas and a dash of cinnamon and vanilla extract.

Strawberry Smoothies

I have suffered from hay fever every August since I was a kid, but not this year…nor last. Coincidence or kefir?

Strawberry Smoothie

In my backyard, I can hear my neighbour down below sneezing her head off.

Strawberry Smoothies

Maybe I should introduce myself and bring her some kefir grains?

“Hi neighbour, you don’t know me, but why don’t you leave this milk on the counter overnight, and drink it?
You’ll be cured of your allergies!”

Girl holding Kitten

This is Charlie, our latest addition. I used to be allergic to cats too, but now we have three!

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