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Did Kombucha Tea Lower Cholesterol?

If you’ve read my first post on brewing your own Kombucha Tea, you must be wondering whatever happened with our own “controlled study”. Did drinking kombucha tea lower Hubby’s cholesterol?

kombucha tea

For 4 months, Hubby stopped taking his 10mg of Lipitor, and instead drank a glass of kombucha tea every day with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kombucha tea lowers cholesterol

To make it more palatable, I experimented with a second fermentation, adding a little blueberry pomegranate juice to the strained kombucha and leaving it for another 2-4 days on the counter in air-tight bottles. The yeast in the kombucha feeds off the sugar in the juice, naturally carbonating in the process.

kombucha tea

The result is something that reminds me of pink champagne, dry, bubbly and effervescent. So guess what? Drumroll please…

kombucha tea

Kombucha tea DID lower Hubby’s cholesterol. Here are the numbers:

kombucha lowers cholesterol

Doc said, no more pills, just keep doing what you’re doing! Other than drinking kombucha, nothing had changed. Hubby still ran 10k 3 times a week, ate what he normally ate, just drinking kombucha made all the difference.

kombucha tea



  • Deirdre - Wow – that is very cool Jill! You continue to amaze me – are you drinking it as well as a “preventative” measure? Might have to look into this – hope the fam is well – miss you guys! xoReplyCancel

    • Jill Chen - Yes Deirdre, I’m also drinking it. As a preventative measure for lowering cholesterol, as well as my blood glucose. Maybe I’m imagining it, but I’m getting less gray hair!ReplyCancel

  • Kaley - That’s awesome! I read a study where a group of people with high LDL were able to lower their levels by drinking one cup of green tea per day. Since matcha is about 10 times the amount of green tea in one cup, so I’d love to see what that would do to a person’s cholesterol levels!ReplyCancel

  • Susanne - My total cholesterol is very high and am unable to take any medication. Have brewed my first batch and am eagerly waiting for it to be ready. Hope my results are as good as your husband’s.ReplyCancel

  • Samuel L. Chell - I don’t think I’ll brew it, but my cholesterol’s high and I like the idea. I’m going to try the bottled kind at the neighborhood whole foods store. Thanks for the tip!ReplyCancel

  • Alison - Hi, my doc told me my LDL was high. I have 2 months for a recheck. How much did your husband drink. I heard only 2 to 4 ounces. Is that what he drank each meal. Did it help his LDL (bad cholesterol)ReplyCancel

  • Stephen Bianco - I have been drinking Kombucha for about a year. Recently had some blood work done for an upcoming doctor’s visit. I have had moderately high cholesterol for many years, I am 69 yrs. old. I was given Lipitor to take several years ago but didn’t like how it made me feel so I quite taking it.
    Went to see my Doctor today and he was going over my blood work. He suddenly said “wow” your Cholesterol has come down dramatically, what have you been doing? I had no idea why it had come down, so I said I don’t know, been eating more ice cream though. He said well, whatever made it come down is a good thing. Came home and was telling my wife about my Cholesterol being down and we were trying to figure out why. Suddenly she said, it is the Kombucha! Okay, I said, I didn’t know it would do that, but apparently it is a good cleanser. So now she is drinking it, as before she didn’t like the taste, but her Cholesterol is high, so she is going for the Kombucha now. I guess it is for real, as I have not changed anything in my diet or life that could have affected my Cholesterol to such a degree. Can’t wait to see my Doctor and tell him what is more than likely responsible for the lower Cholesterol.ReplyCancel

  • jt - While this is good news, please keep in mind the statin tablets do more than just reduce cholesterol. It also modifies the cholesterol plque already in your blood vessels to help prevent any plaque from breaking off. If plaque breaks off it can cause blockages leading to stroke or heart attack.ReplyCancel

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