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beijing breakfast

We spent the morning wandering in the Hutongs again, seeing what else we could try. Through a window, this young woman was making crepes – exactly the way they do it in Paris, but with a twist…an egg is cracked and cooked on top, then flipped over to become the outside “skin”. A miso-type paste (jian) and garlic chili sauce is brushed on the flip side, sprinkled with green onions, topped with a crunchy flakey cracker, then folded up like a package. This Jian-bing, a traditional street food in Beijing, was only 30 cents our money and delicious. We kept wandering, sampling as we went, and ended up sitting down for more steamy buns. Again, breakfast for all, at a dollar per person.

And Hubby still brings me coffee.

  • graziella - Hope you are getting all the recipes .ReplyCancel

  • Julia Rhodes - Note the “new” Starbucks label sans the words Starbucks Coffee. Just read about this in today’s New York Times. It’s part of the company’s strategy to takeover China.

    Lovely photos. Enjoy!ReplyCancel

  • Abigail - Still the coffee? Oh for crying out loud…ReplyCancel

  • Homemade Chinese Marble Tea Eggs » FreestyleFarm - […] served during Chinese New Year to symbolize wealth and fertility, it is also a common everyday street food in China. Now that it’s the eve of the lunar new year, I thought I’d share my recipe with you. […]ReplyCancel

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