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Dandelion Wine Update

Back in May, Hubby and I started a batch of dandelion wine. It has lived in our basement, gurgling and bubbling away. About a month ago, we “racked it”, siphoning the liquid from one vessel to another, leaving the sediment behind. Today, we bottled. Make sure fermentation is complete before bottling or your corks could pop!

Cute little brown jug from the hardware store for transferring the wine into. The orange plastic thingy on the end of this wand keeps the hose above the sediment.

We were able to have a taste at this rack stage. Very sweet, and delicious! Sunshine as opposed to Moonshine!

After a month, we bottled. A tad cloudy, but the sediment will settle. If you want a clearer wine, you could rack it a second time, but we didn’t care.

Excess wine poured off to sample. Still sweet, citrusy, and quite potent. Will be interesting to see how it tastes in December.

You should leave about an one-inch air space from the wine to the cork. The less air the better to prevent spoilage.

Insert a cork into a manual corker.

Line up the cork to the neck opening, and push down firmly.

These didn’t go in all the way, but it should be okay.

Back to the basement for six months. Gives me time to design some wine labels!

Visit this link for step-by-steps and full recipe.

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