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Saving Tomato Seeds

I’ve been meaning to get this post up earlier as the last tomatoes are being harvested from the garden. The growing season is almost over and I have been saving seeds from my various beans, squash and of course, tomatoes for next year. Saving seeds is a path towards self-sufficiency and gives you the power to control your food supply. Stored properly in a cool, dry place, seeds will last up to 5 years with the first 2 years being most viable. Heirloom seeds will produce fruit like the parents that it came from. Using saved seeds from year to year will also produce stronger plants as it adapts to your growing environment. Imagine eating a tomato that tastes exactly the same as it did generations, even centuries ago?

Now I must confess that I didn’t grow these. They were fresh picked at the Farmer’s Market. I saw them, and had to have them for next year.

Choose the best and healthiest tomatoes.

Squeeze the seeds into a cup with a bit of water.

Squeeze it all out, the growth-inhibiting jelly will eventually break up during fermentation.

Aren’t all these colours oh so pretty?

Let it stand in a warm place and ferment for a few days, until you see a white mold growing. But watch it doesn’t soak too long or the seeds will start to germinate in the water. Be sure to label your seeds because you will forget.

Give it a stir to separate the seeds. Good ones will sink to the bottom, while bad seeds will float. Add water, stir and pour off debris. Repeat until the water is clear, and you are left with clean seeds. Dry on a plate. Make sure seeds are completely dry before storing.

It’s hard to photograph a tray of seeds on the floor without Henry moving in…“I’m watching you! Get your snout outta there…”

I’ve saved over 1,000 San Marzano tomato seeds for next year’s sauce…“OUT! get OUT!”

“No Henry!”

“OUT! get OUT!”

Angry eyes and back talk. At 3 months, he’s starting to act like a teenager, “Naughty boy, don’t be such a pig!”

“I don’t care how much you froth & foam, there is NOTHING here for you!”



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