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Henry, Bells & Blueberries

This week at the cottage, I taught Henry to “ding ding”.

If he rings the bell, and gets a treat, then perhaps he will ring the bell when he wants to go out for a pee?

“Ding ding Henry!”

It took him maybe 5 minutes to learn.

And another 5 minutes and lots of treats to perfect.

He then learned that if I ignored him, he would ring the bell and I would come running to feed him.

Clever boy! Here’s the YouTube link to see Henry ringing his bells for blueberries.

  • deirdre - LOL!! Henry is so talented!! I think he’s gotten bigger since I saw him!!! Clever boy!!ReplyCancel

  • Brendan - Oh my word. I cannot get enough of Henry. He is too adorable for words.ReplyCancel

  • Erin Hackney - Henry is sooo precious!!!! Love your website! I’d love to have some backyard birds as well, but I’m too chicken…(sorry about the bad pun). I’m considering rabbits instead…I live in Toronto as well, and found your site very inspiring.ReplyCancel

  • deirdre - omg you got a new one-now Henry has a friend to live with!!! Good luck with roccoReplyCancel

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