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Henry’s Birthday Weekend

We loaded up the truck and headed to the cottage for Canada Day weekend with Betty, Piper and her nine baby bunnies, the six chickens, Henry and Rocco. It was challenging, but we managed to all fit.

Sunshine rode in front with me as the dog carrier was a bit crowded with the other five girls. The newspaper wrapped around her bottom didn’t save me from being pooped on twice.

Even with the promise of carrots and tortilla chips, Henry would not go into the water.

He didn’t love the boat ride. Instead of enjoying the beautiful scenery, he and Rocco wanted our salty boat snacks.

Barbecued pork? Though pigs are smart, they didn’t seem to understand the dangers of fire.

Henry turned one this weekend, weighing in at 48 pounds. About the size of a bulldog.

We celebrated with a birthday watermelon.

Happy Birthday Henry!

Henry and Rocco adore watermelon…“oink! oink!”

Make a wish Henry…“oink!”

Here you go Henry, enjoy!

The boys rolled it around and played watermelon soccer.

Then things started getting crazy.

So we gave them a little help.

Henry will eat the whole thing, chomping away madly, rind and all.

Rocco prefers to eat the middle.

Even Betty got a piece. Poor Betty, she was born with lopsided ears. Just kidding…I haven’t had time to trim the other ear.

Here’s the video link.

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