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Rocco as “Doug Bacon”

A couple of weeks ago, when the dark skies from hurricane Sandy started rolling in, we were inside participating in a video shoot with some friends. It started off with Rocco as “Doug Bacon”, owner of a design firm. One thing led to another and soon we had a dance party in our living room with some rabbits, chickens, dog and of course the two pigs. Rocco was paid handsomely in blueberries, strawberries, popcorn, apples and a big heart cookie from Cookie Martinez for his role as Doug. Thanks to the talented Big 3 Video Agency made up of Jan Keck, Natalia Kantor, and Bryan Paccagnella for a fun-filled-rounding up animals under the sofa & coffee table- kinda day. Below are some clips taken from the video…

Love his cardboard office, and the “Parsnip” laptop.

Eeew Rocco! stop foaming at the mouth!

The boys’ neck size are almost as big as some people’s waist sizes.

Good girl Betty! Sit and stay!

Okay Marigold, click the mouse!

Muffin typing in the link to Rocco’s and the gang’s video premiere.

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