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Last summer Hubby and our boy, embarked on a special project of building a treehouse. After looking through the web for plans and inspiration, Hubby decided to just build it himself.

Me: “Hon, why don’t you write this post since you built it?”

My boy has been after me to build a fort for the last year. I kept trying to teach him the skills of patience and planning knowing he wasn’t quite old enough to swing a hammer. Finally, I could postpone it no longer – it was the end of summer.

He sketched what he wanted a few times, then we walked the land in search of the perfect spot. We finally settled on a site that was close enough to the cottage, to the lake, and with three straight maples. One was dead which I cut off for a base, and the other two trees dictated the width of the structure. From this, I was able to rough count and place a lumber order.

Me: “NOT too high!”

Hubby: “it’s only 2 feet off the ground, and 8 on the other…

We gave ourselves a week to complete the project using just basic tools.

Me: “NO nail guns!”

Using a hammer every day, for a few days, the elbow starts to hurt. It took 3 months for my “hammer elbow” to heal. I gave my boy some advice, “switch and use the other arm every once in a while”, and his reply was, “I’m already using both!”

The remarkable thing I’ve noticed about building with kids is their amazing ability to remember measurements. I’d shout 3⅛” and ten minutes later I’d ask…“what was that measurement again?” and he’d have the right answer.

We were able to complete the project before we had to go home, meaning it has walls and a roof. Door, porch and screen windows are this coming summer’s projects.

Me: “The girls want you to add on an addition this summer…”

The boy takes great pride in all the work that was done in a very short week. This tiny house may not last forever, but I hope his memory of building it will.

“Where do you want to put the couch?”


  • Janet Eastwood - What a wonderful experience for you and your boy! What kid doesn’t want a treehouse??ReplyCancel

  • Deirdre Pickford - LOVE it!!! your kids have really cool parents!! (nice guns kevin!!)ReplyCancel

  • Jill - LOL! after you comment Deirdre, he’s done nothing BUT talk about his guns.ReplyCancel

  • jill Farber - Now greg has somewhere to sleep – thanks guys! AwesomeReplyCancel

  • Rosemary Sutherland - What a great treehouse! It will surely be the basis of many happy childhood & family memories. Great pics–hubby revealed himself!ReplyCancel

  • France Simard - Aah… you’re the sweetest and coolest parents ever! Jill can you ask the boy how much would he charge for one week rental : )ReplyCancel

  • nathaniel - Hubby, some kiosk furniture would look super in that space!!! It will come on time….promise.ReplyCancel

  • Jill - Nathaniel, you can send me kiosk furniture anytime you want!ReplyCancel

  • joe biafore - Uncle joe has lots of cool stuff furniture for them to make it what they want.
    You are a great dad! Every kid should be so lucky!ReplyCancel

  • Yen - so sweet and beautiful!ReplyCancel

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