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Hong Kong, part 1

The last leg of our trip was in Hong Kong. I was born in Kowloon in 1962…(do the math and I’ll smack you!)…this is my second time back since we immigrated to Canada in 1967. The first two nights were spent at the Disney resort which left us with only four nights in this magnificent and vibrant city. Warning: this is an extremely loooong post. Go grab yourself a coffee or tea.

East meets west…breakfast at the Disney Hotel.

View from our balcony. Many thanks to my friend Dennis (aka Mr. Disney) for making the arrangements (and all the perks too!).

This is why we came here…for that big fat Goofy kiss!

It’s been a whirlwind, a blur of sightseeing and eating with very little time for shopping which is a shame as HK is the BEST place to shop. Seriously folks, if you decide to visit, you need at the very least, two weeks to experience everything, and even more if you wanna meet Jackie Chan (Dennis, next trip please).

Photo taken from the 49th floor terrace at The American Club. Stunning view of Victoria Harbour with Kowloon side (left) and Hong Kong side (right). After all the chinese food eaten lately, we thank Viv & Kenny for a much craved “American” steak dinner.

Viv & Kenny also took us out one night for vietnamese at Nha Trang. Having only experienced pho noodles, this was something new. I need to search out some good vietnamese restaurants in Toronto so that we can enjoy this again. Everything was so fresh and light, I particularly enjoyed the baskets of fresh herbs to garnish and munch on. Viv did the ordering, so I can’t tell you what everything was, but I can tell you it was all good.

The signature vietnamese crepe stuffed with pork, vermicelli spring roll.

Calamari and green mango salad, shrimp on sugar cane sticks.

Some delicious fish dish, stuffed rice noodle ravioli.

Beef pho noodle soup.

Hubby and I were able to spend one very quiet afternoon, without kids at the very exclusive Hong Kong Country Club. While they ran off with their little cousins, we were able to relax, do some work on our laptops, and sip French vintages in the wine cellar with my cousin Viv…like civilized adults, not screaming parents.

The wine cellar at the Hong Kong Country Club. My blister is killing me. The same no-bandage-will-cure blister that has followed me from The Great Wall to this posh place. You’d never know that I’m sitting here with my shoes off, hoping I don’t get kicked out for being barefoot.

A fancy schmancy place to rest your tush, listen to a string orchestra, and enjoy afternoon high tea is in the elegant lobby of the Peninsula Hotel.

I love afternoon tea, with all the cute little sandwiches and sweets. My kids loved it too.

We spent one morning wandering around Repulse Bay and Stanley Market. The vistas were beautiful as we wound our way UP the mountain (one starts to get used to heights around here). Lunch was at King Ludwig Beer Hall, located in the Murray House.

My oldest girl, sitting pretty at Repulse Bay.

King Ludwig Beer Hall, lunch on the terrace.

King Ludwig is well-known for their german sausages and pork knuckles.

Behind the scenes, my friend Camellia had on the right top as a background for this pasta dish.

Non-german pasta bolognaise.

My very dear friends Camellia & Jeffrey took us out to “Lei Yue Mun”, an area that has nothing but fresh seafood. There must have been at least twenty different vendors, with each one paired to a restaurant. The idea is you go and pick what you want to eat that night, and it’s prepared immediately for your table.

Shop owner holds a slipper crab.

Ahem…no comment here.

Assorted live seafood everywhere. Live prawns in a tank, hopefully I can grow these this summer.

Fish in a bucket and fresh sea scallop.

The boy catches some giant prawns for a black bean stirfry.

Bamboo clams, and sea urchins. My family wanders on, in search of dinner.

Cuttlefish, they stare at you with angry eyes, like they know what’s coming.

The boy with a big fat angry cuttlefish in bag. You know he’s upset when he starts leaking the black ink.

Our dinner is cooking.
To be continued…Part 2 coming soon.

  • graziella - lovely pictures. miss you. When are you back?ReplyCancel

  • Jill - Just got back this weekend. Exhausted and ton of catching up to do at home.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Cain - what a magnificent trip for your family. have loved following you on your journey. welcome home.ReplyCancel

  • David Smith - Priceless photo of your daughter at Disney. great food. Photos as well. glad you are all back. we have about 16 lambs now you will have to come out for a day real soon.ReplyCancel

  • Johnny - You got some amazing pictures, Jill. As for Pho in Toronto, you should check out Pho Huong in the Junction. It’s decicious.ReplyCancel

  • Lidka - sounds like a wonderful trip. welcome back. brings back memories of my 2 years in Hong Kong. i still miss FRESH fish/sea food (like the Boy’s catch on the picture).ReplyCancel

  • Paul H. - Fabulous post Jill, love all the photos.ReplyCancel

  • Deirdre Pickford - welcome home jill!! your photos are, as always, gorgeously inspiring! looks like you made lots of wonderful memories and i’m sure the kids had a great time! look forward to catching up soon!ReplyCancel

  • nancy Midwicki - What an adventure you had! Thanks so much for sharing and thank you for the BEAUTIFUL photos, Jill! Welcome home. xxReplyCancel

  • Bill Lee - all these make me hungry, unfortunately, we cannot get seafood this fresh here.ReplyCancel

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