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Quick Easy Dinner

I had a leftover potroast, that I made with a leftover half jar of tomato sauce. This potroast was left out all night on the counter, and was too wasteful to toss in the garbage. So I made soup. I figured since Hubby discovered it a 5:00 in the morning, it was deemed relatively safe for human consumption. This will do, a quick easy dinner when I’m still jet-lagged and feeling out of sorts in the kitchen, after not cooking for 2-1/2 weeks.

I added more water to the pot, skimmed the fat, threw in some carrots, potatoes, dried peas & simmered the botulism out of it.
Season with salt & pepper. Hmmmm, needs a sandwich or something to round out the meal…

Darn it, slightly overdone. I left it in the oven too long while I was shooting the soup.

Grill or broil a ribeye…I had 2 steaks marinating in a ziplock for an hour on the counter, letting the meat come to room temperature while it soaked in a glug of red wine (white is ok too, whatever is open), big dollop of dijon, clove of garlic, salt & pepper.

While your meat is cooking, throw a package of pre-sliced, triple-washed mushrooms (it’s just easier sometimes) in a pan with some oiive oil and cook on medium heat till most of the liquid is gone (speed it up by pouring extra liquid into the sink). Finish mushrooms with a dollop of butter and a tiny dribble of balsamic, keep cooking till almost dry…set aside. When meat is done, let it rest for a few minutes, then slice. Now go make a sandwich.

I chose a soft but chewy bun so it’s easier to eat, and saves the roof of my mouth.

Don’t forget to add swiss cheese, or whatever you like. I was going to sauté onions with the mushrooms, but didn’t feel like chopping, it was still good without. If the cheese doesn’t melt, there’s nothing wrong with a few zaps in the microwave. If you are grilling, add some grilled veggies too. I did mine in the broiler, didn’t feel like running out to turn on the BBQ and scraping it clean. Easy dinner, eat and sleep.

Update: no signs of food poisoning.



  • Deirdre Pickford - looks delish – and i can totally relate to the “left out all night” – it can’t be that bad for you can it??!! hope your jet lag is improving!ReplyCancel

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