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Make Your Own Seed Pots

Help me, I can’t stop. Just when I think I’ve had enough, I see another varietal…one with an interesting history or characteristic, and I’ve got to try it. I must have planted over a hundred seeds. My greenhouse if full, and I’m constantly shuffling trays of seedlings around, making sure everyone’s had their fair share on the prime “top shelf”. Rather than spending more money on peat pots or pellets, I was inspired by Mr. Brown Thumb to make my own seed pots – leaving me more money to spend on more seeds…

Variety of heirloom seeds from Hawthorne Farm.

Coffee filters held together okay. Just cram them in a tray.

No bottoms are needed. Careful not to handle too much when wet or they will start to unravel.

Recycled salad container makes a perfect mini greenhouse.

Lettuce started 2 weeks ago in cupcake liners.

It’s never too late to start growing.

We’ll have our first salad tomorrow.

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