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Zsa Zsa “Puffins” Gabor 2010-2011

We are very sad here on the farm. Our beloved little Silkie chicken passed away last night. We’re not sure exactly what did her in, but she has always been the quiet one huddled in the corner, bottom of the pecking order. I brought her in yesterday to bathe her as she had not been grooming herself. Later in the evening, it was apparent that she was fading. We all surrounded and cuddled her, where she gasped her last breath of air. Then she quietly and peacefully left us. Now you may think it’s kinda quacky (or clucky) to have a chicken funeral, but it seemed appropriate. She may be just a chicken, but she made us eggs and sang us songs with her girly voice. The kids pulled it all together with music and flowers and we had a nice little service for her in the front yard. I think Hubby and I made some pretty cool kids.


  • Deirdre Pickford - poor puffins – i’m sure she would appreciate the heartfelt send-off – my sympathies.ReplyCancel

  • Janet Eastwood - What a lovely gesture for a cherished bird, a very sweet send off.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Cain - Sorry to hear about Puffins. You can see poor Jack is very upset in the photo of him playing the guitar. What a lovely send off to a sweet young bird.ReplyCancel

  • nancy Midwicki - Isn’t it amazing how naturally spiritual children are? They did what felt right for them and good for you for letting them fly with it. As a mother of kids who have buried many lizards, guinea pigs, hamsters and allowed our kids to be there when we put our golden retriever, Arthur down, I say bravo to you! Our kids are grown men to this day and very well-adjusted because of our “feel and say how you feel” approach. On Friday, we buried our dear friend, Norman Ringel. My sons were far away in Nelson BC, but just as sad as we all were here in Toronto. There was a site where you could send your condolences and both sons wrote in. Norman’s wife was so touched, she sent me a note to thanking us for allowing Norman to be so important in their lives. Loss is loss. It doesn’t matter if it’s a chicken or a good friend because being able to feel is the best equipment when you are heart- broken. Your kids will be amazing adults because of you.ReplyCancel

  • Jill - Thank you all for your kind words. The kids are fine, so resilient. Nothing like a night out at the movies with buttered popcorn to lift their spirits!ReplyCancel

  • france Simard - awww… pauvre petite poulette, she was loved that’s for sure. i have to admit this post and images made me cried, so sorry for your loss.ReplyCancel

  • Julia E - I’ve just discovered your blog this morning, and I’m reading through old posts to see all the wonderful things I’ve been missing. You’ve raised lovely children indeed. The world needs more compassionate souls just like them. May little Puffins rest in peace.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - OMG. What a lovely service. I am whole heartedly laughing and crying. Thank you so much for sharing. ps i LOVE your tub!ReplyCancel

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