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French Breakfast Radishes

These beautiful radishes are the first things to come up in the spring garden. Long and slender with white tips, they are crisp, sweet, and mild when picked young. I decided to try them the classic french way — thinly sliced on a baguette, slathered with lots of butter, and a sprinkle of fleur de sel. Pure, simple, and delicious.

They are quick to germinate and fast growing (ready to eat in 25 days), just keep planting every week to ensure a constant supply throughout the summer. They prefer cooler temperatures, so tuck them in your garden in the shade of other plants when it starts to get really hot.

I’ve got several containers of these radishes on the go to make sure I’m never without. It also means a portable garden which I can bring to the cottage. The greens are delicious in a salad, and the chickens also love it… a little too much.

Pick when you see the shoulders popping out of the ground, don’t let them get too big or they will be tough and woody.

I was going to try a version with anchovy butter and fresh chives, but this was so good with just plain butter and salt, that I didn’t bother (I was also feeling a bit lazy, and then my neighbour showed up with freshly baked cheddar cheese biscuits).

  • Deirdre Pickford - these look delicious – would probably be good with some avocado spread too!! yum – and as always, the photography is STUNNING!!! i’m bringing my camera on monday!ReplyCancel

  • france Simard - simply scrumptious!ReplyCancel

  • joe biafore - Bet it’s delicious…have to go get some and try it.ReplyCancel

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