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Foodstock 2011

We came. We ate. We conquered. Of all the places to dig Canada’s biggest quarry, this prime agricultural land is NOT. As a family, we attended Foodstock this past Sunday, and stood in solidarity with close to 30,000 others who care about the water, land and people (our local food producers), threatened by the proposed mega quarry. There has been lots of news in the media, so rather than repeat, here’s a link to what others are saying.

Kids: “will there be hotdogs?”
Me: “better, how about smoked berkshire sausages?”

This person had the best ensemble. I love the vibrant orange plate against her indigo blue scarf and matching blue mug. Thank you stranger for agreeing to pose.

We arrived fairly early to see people come marching in from all directions with their rubber boots and eating utensils.

The wind was crazy cold but nobody cared. Seeing the outpour of support from everyone present warmed us all. So did the chili and cornbread.

Line up of trucks and tractors helped block the high winds.

The texture of this soil is amazing (my obsession with dirt lately). I wanted to take a sample of this wondersoil home to try but Hubby said, “no”.

Cannot believe my kids ate caviar. Black speckly caviar. The same kids who pick tomatoes out of my pizza. It just goes to show, if they’re hungry, they’ll eat anything.

All the food was kindly donated by local farms.

Kids’ favourite, beef goulash.

We didn’t get to try everything, the lines started getting longer as more and more people arrived.

But we did keep going back for more beef goulash. My heart swells when I see them eat.

Michael Statlander with his crew serving up potato, cabbage and brussels sprout soup.

Poutine and a spicy kale and onion masala topped over cornbread.

All the chefs cooked over an open fire beside their tents.

Pulled chicken sandwiches, another kids’ favourite

Sheltered by trees, we found refuge in the forest where it was considerably warmer.

Another favourite ensemble. Love the boots, striped apron, chef’s whites, scarf and hat.

My favourite, roasted squash gnocchi with double smoked bacon, brussels sprouts, and parmesan cheese.

Despite the cold wind and rain, it was a beautiful day. We felt the love. And tasted it too.




  • robin goldberg - Fantastic!!
    Loved every photo. Hope you and the family are well.

    • Jill - Robin, we are all doing well thank you! We should get together before the snow falls.ReplyCancel

  • Janet Eastwood - What an incredible day!! Great pics, thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

    • Jill - Thank you Janet, it was a great day, despite the cold, wind and rain. I hope it will be an annual event.ReplyCancel

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