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Betty & Chicken Liver Shortbread

Sounds kinda gross, but not to Betty. With everything being ALL about the new pig lately, Betty has been left feeling somewhat second rate. Poor Betty’s cookie jar has been empty for the past month (I’ve been busy with the pig), so I’m making amends by baking a batch of her favourite chicken liver shortbread.


I normally cut her hair every few months, but I’ve been busy with the pig. Sorry Betty, I promise this week.

Making dog cookies at home is great because you don’t have to overpay for fancy-packaged dog cookies, and you know what goes in it. These cookies have the added benefit of diatomaceous earth, a natural parasite control which will clean out any unwanted critters lurking in fido’s colon as well as yours (yes, it’s also good for scraping out human colons). Just make sure it’s food grade DE or it can be harmful. My hens and pig also get this in their feed, no de-worming needed. It’s also a natural insecticide, killing all kinds of pests around your home and garden. There are also claims that it will help you lose weight and grow hair on your head, something definitely worth investigating.

Start by chopping up a pound of fresh chicken livers.

Add about a cup of food grade diatomaceous earth. It’s a very fine powder, soft as cornstarch, but on the hardness scale, they are a 7, compared to diamonds that are 9. For bugs and parasites, it’s like being attacked by sharp broken glass.

Also add brown rice flour, or any kind of flour that you have in the pantry.

 Start off with a cup and gradually add more as needed to hold together as a dough.

Press into a parchment lined cookie sheet. Dusting with extra flour on top to keep fingers from sticking.

Prick entire surface with a fork to aid in drying out the cookies. Bake for an hour at 250•F.

Remove from oven and cut the whole sheet into smaller squares while the dough is still soft. Pop back in the oven to dry the cookies completely. Check periodically to make sure they don’t burn. Once they are ready, you can turn off oven and leave them in there to continue to dry.

The key is low, dry heat. They must be rock hard and thoroughly dry or they will spoil. Test by pressing on the liver chunks. Store in airtight container. Refrigeration is not required if they are completely dry.

Betty want a cookie?

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  • Lisa Cain - Where can you buy diatomaceous earth? Does it have a taste at all or could I add to human cookies etc..ReplyCancel

    • Jill - No smell or taste, kind of like chalk. Google diatomaceous earth human consumption and you’ll get all kinds of useful info. I bought a 50lb bag from the feed store last year, and getting close to the end. I sprinkle all over, plants included. Just wear a mask as the fine dust is not so good inhaled into lungs, but otherwise fine to ingest. The ant powder that you see at the hardware store is basically the same stuff, but it’s not food grade and pricier. Here’s a site in Canada that carries the stuff. It’s more expensive in smaller quantities and packaged, but more convenient for personal use. If you foresee using it in the garden, then go for the big bag. Let me know if it causes weight-loss or grows hair!ReplyCancel

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