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Backyard Chickens “deferred indefinitely”

Wow, pretty harsh words coming from Toronto City Council. Since my last post, the whole chicken debate has been put on the shelf indefinitely. The meeting which was to be held in February was pushed up to January, and without much notice, the family headed down to City Hall.

Some photos from the Toronto Life story. By Signe Langford, Photographs by Kevin Hewitt

It was not suppose to be a debate about chickens, but rather a hopeful nod forward from the Licensing Committee to agree to a feasibility report. What’s more, the report had actually been done. All these six Councillors had to do was read it — just read it. Read it so that one can make an informed decision based on facts, not myths about keeping backyard hens in an urban setting.

The kids giving their deputations in front of Committee members. They did an awesome job!

My seven-year-old’s speech. That’s “like”, not “lice”.

So what now? We keep educating the public as well as City Councillors, and keep our fingers crossed for Paul Hughes’s trial in March. If he wins, it will override all municipal rulings and we will no longer have live like renegades.

‎“It’s not about chickens, but about households and family… the right to food and whether the city has the right to tell us what we can and cannot eat,…the city may be able to tell us how many chickens we can have, but it shouldn’t be whether we can.” – Paul Hughes

We couldn’t agree more. Organic eggs from very happy backyard chickens, make terrific zero-mile omelettes.

Please visit for more information on how you can make a difference!


  • Katty Ray - It is March, unfortunitely I am in NY/NJ USA,can’t join or help the petition, but read all articles and very concerning whether the City of Toronto has pass the law allowing chickens/hens stayed at back yard, please keep me postedReplyCancel

  • trang - Im curious to know how you are able to have a few chickens and somebpigs? Is it still not legal? What happens to the animals if the city fines out? I would love to have some laying chickens in my back yard of gigh park. Can you please give me ideas of how to get started?ReplyCancel

  • shareaware - Hi, just an update on yesterdays news in Calgary…no to good. However I expect further rallying of the troops. Your support would be much appreciated.
    SA CalgaryReplyCancel

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