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Shoot Rocco!

Happy New Year! We had Rocco in the studio the other day to One: Model for us, and Two: To take him down a few notches by bossing him around on set. He has been fighting with Henry lately, biting his ears and drawing blood, leaving poor Henry feeling quite defeated and depressed.

Rocco just turned one, and thought it was time to challenge his older brother for position of top pig. I had noticed a change in Rocco; he had become bossier, always nudging and pushing my feet, demanding to be fed. Definitely a teenager, and even trying to be the boss of me.

Rocco had also learned he could stand on his back legs and pull things off the table, helping himself to whatever he wanted. Things like his bowl full of cereal, chicken feed, groceries, bags of garbage,… ripping everything to shreds. He felt important and entitled.

Henry on the other hand has been the perfect pig child since the age of 10 months.

Polite, quiet, mild-manner and certainly never rude! Henry is the perfect little fat gentlemen, sitting patiently, waiting to be fed. Rocco saw this as a sign of weakness and took the opportunity to move up in rank.

So we moved Henry into the house to spend a few days away from Rocco while his ears healed. Normally they both slepted in the garage, in their stinky bed/tent (which they like very much).

After a few days of letting Henry sleep in the house with us, and making Rocco work on set for treats, it worked! Henry’s status had been elevated! Rocco came home to find a very angry beast (Henry) charging at him, not allowing him to share his stinky bed. Henry is back on top!

 And Rocco is much nicer to be around. No more bossy pig.


  • Lisa Cain - The photos are amazing and you restored order at home. Way to go!!ReplyCancel

  • Jaime Neeb - Great photos Jill. Rocco is such a handsome boy! Great news that he got his attitude adjusted. I think this happens with human siblings too! Your family are such wonderful piggie parents.ReplyCancel

  • France Simard - i would have a really hard time getting mad at such a beautiful pig. look at that face. great shots!ReplyCancel

  • Mary - Wow, now you can add pig whisperer to your list of accomplishments! It’s amazing how you handled the situation and restored the balance of power. Rocco is extremely photogenic. Loved the last shot.ReplyCancel

  • Jill - So far, so good. He’s still a brat, but not as pushy!ReplyCancel

  • Samuel L. Chell - Maybe it’s Rocco who has the forward front teeth? Or both of them? I think I’ve read of breeders who say they cut off the spiny baby teeth before sending the pig. Possibly those are the teeth I’m seeing in both Henry and Rocco? Are they from the same breeder?

    You’ve figured out the top pig game in a hurry. And congratulations on showing Rocco who’s really the top pig!ReplyCancel

  • Goodbye Rocco » FreestyleFarm - […] not nice. Henry’s ears were constant targets. Rocco became bolder, I’ve even tried to out boss him, but as he matured into his second year, the fighting worsened. It was time, the last few scuffles […]ReplyCancel

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