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New Kitten

New Quails

Old Pig. “Oink!”

Over the Christmas break, we adopted a kitten. Boo-Boo Kitty (aka Mittens) is the sweetest little kitty.

We never thought we were cat people until Mittsy Baby came along. We even caved and bought her one of those ugly cat condos.

All day long she prowls, hunting fish…


…and poor Betty.

Miss Mitts is hiding.

Miss Mitts singed her eyebrows while hiding.

Miss Mitts loves pepperoni pizza.

Good Night.

  • Cat People » FreestyleFarm - […] In the 80’s I owned a cat from hell. Eon would hiss and growl and scare the heck out of everyone. Being solid black made him even more evil. One night, I invited my boss for dinner. Eon attacked her, sinking his teeth into her hand, feet dangling off the floor as she tried to shake him off. I swore NEVER, would I own a cat again. Until we got Mitts. […]ReplyCancel

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