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Hubby and I started this little aquaponics project last summer. We managed to grow quite a few things, but most ended up being fed to the chickens (but this year will be different). Aquaponics is the greatest way, in my opinion, to be self-sustaining. It uses 90% less water than conventional farming, in fact you hardly ever need to water. It’s a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture; you can grow fresh organic herbs and vegetables as well as provide fish for the table (unless you are using goldfish) year-round, indoors or out.

Pressured by the line-up of very impatient friends waiting for the launch of this site, I will just leave it at this…but I promise – cross my heart – to come back to this and post in more detail.

Hubby:  “You can’t grow shrimp in our backyard…”

Me:  “Just wait this summer…”

Shanghai bok choy growing in clay pebble medium.

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